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Solving the most common problems

The computer cannot be turned on at all.

  1. Refer to the enclosed manual or the manufacturer's online documentation. Some computers require special procedures.
  2. Make sure that the power supply meets the required characteristics and is functional.
  3. Check wiring. Try other inputs, outputs and cables.
  4. Try a new installation of the operating system. Use the current official / default operating system edition.

The memory card does not work, overheats, or fails repeatedly.

  1. Look closely at the card, it may be slightly broken!
  2. Try formatting your card.
  3. If the card fails repeatedly - it works after formatting, but only shortly - check the stability of the power supply and avoid turning off the computer before shutting down the operating system.

HDMI output detection does not work.

  1. [Raspberry Pi] Enable maximum HDMI compatibility mode; to a new line in the file config.txt fill in the new parameter hdmi_safe=1.
  2. Check wiring. Try other inputs, outputs and cables.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Where can I find manuals?

Please refer to the Support (Podpora) section of the product description, where we usually provide links to manuals, documentation, manufacturer support, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Where should I ask technical questions?

Ask us and other users on our forum or write to podpora@rpishop.cz.

How long does it take to process a claim?

If we have a spare part in stock, it takes about 3 days to process your complaint.

I have data on my device. Will I lose them?

Yes If the solution is a new system installation.

When can I return the goods?

Goods can be returned within 30 days of receipt, whether you are a regular customer or a company.

Is it possible to exchange goods for others?

No, but you can return the goods and buy others instead.

Is it necessary to return goods in the original packaging?

This is not necessary, but if possible, please use the original packaging. In any case, pack the goods so that they we not damaged during transport.